a unique opportunity

curated to show you that you were made for more

you are worthy of feeling confident in your skin;

I believe that beauty knows no size.
 That every scar and mark is a vital piece of a story all your own,
....and that every woman can be her own kind of beautiful.
 A large part of the experience I offer is in meeting you right where you are.
Babe, you don’t have to change one thing about yourself to deserve a life-changing boudoir experience.  

of finding grace even in the things you wish you could change.

I’m a wife, boy-mom, follower of Jesus, autism advocate, best friend, sister, daughter, and passionate creative. My heart sings with all things travel, sunny days in the backyard with my five year old son, and weekend fishing trips with my husband.

I have photographed exclusively boudoir for seven years. I have no fancy lighting, and I find joy in photographing you with minimal props or furniture. I want zero distractions as I dig deep to the root of who you are.

I want your portraits to be emotive, raw and real.

My greatest hope is that you will be able to look back at your portraits and remember where you were in your life — to remember your triumphs and your trials, to remember the time you did something you didn’t think you could do.  

Though the technical term to describe my job is "boudoir photographer", I identify more with storyteller, encourager, and a friend who can speak absolute truth into your life.  The experience I offer my clients is designed to help you dig deep, face your fears, and somehow along the way…find yourself again.

As we dive in, it’s amazing just how fast that happens. <3 


hello, gorgeous

the VCB boudoir experience

give yourself permission

to pursue feeling sexy

discover the

Give yourself permission to pursue feeling sexy. Treat yourself to an experience meant to help you rediscover the woman you are meant to be. Because when you feel amazing about yourself, you are able to pour more deeply into those you love.

The greatest part of my job is getting to watch you let go. Getting to see how nerves melt away to confidence, how uncertainty peels back to strength, how a woman with a list of things she would change about herself transforms into a sexy woman who knows just how worthy and valuable she is.

Victoria Caroline Boudoir experiences are designed to empower, not entice. From the moment you sit in the makeup chair, all of our focus and energy is on you. We ask for your input with your hair/makeup look, because we really want you to recognize yourself at the end of it. At some point during your glam process, I will be sitting in front of you, and I will ask you 'the question'. I will ask you why…why boudoir? I want to know your story, I want to know what led you here, I want to know your pain points and your fears. Knowing those things gives me a springboard to help you heal, to help you challenge yourself, and to leave you with more clarity about your purpose (and fierceness!) than when you arrived.

I have a Client Closet of over 150 pieces of luxury lingerie/other unique pieces, and we will use both that and the options you bring to style and choose final looks that you feel incredible in. Once it’s finally time to shoot, I will pose you down to your fingertips; I will show you where to look, when to arch, and even how to breathe. When you walk into our studio, we have your back every second until you skip out with excitement. I will laugh with you, take dance breaks with you, and encourage you every step of the way until you don’t just think you are beautiful..you know it. 

VCB Experience