January 28, 2018


Hey babe!  Thanks so much for tuning in with me this evening!  As a photographer I hear from many beauties who want to have a boudoir experience, but something holds them back.  I am cracking the code at how you can move past some of your biggest fears and be on your way to the life-altering boudoir experience that you have been dreaming of!


Mind block #1:  WEIGHT

Ask any woman and she can come up with things she doesn’t love about her body, or give you a list of things she’d change.  Your weight will always fluctuate as you deal with day-to-day, and life tends to get in the way of major weight loss goals–this means that weight has a way of staying the excuse FOREVER.So how do you clear the weight hurdle and embrace every curve, mark, or anything you see as imperfect?

  • Girlfriend, give yourself some GRACE! Even if you don’t have the body you rocked at 18, your body has seriously done some incredible things.  You are still YOU even if you don’t have a six pack and legs like a college volleyball player.  SEXY isn’t defined by a number on a scale!
  • Boudoir will totally help you celebrate your body right where you are so that you can love yourself even in the toughest of times.  Isn’t this every woman’s dream? To finally feel content in your skin? Boudoir allows you to see yourself through the eyes of another–it is a very powerful thing!
  • Those who truly love you will find beauty in you no matter what.  Yep, your hubby (or wifey) goes gaga over you even when you feel disgusting.  Remember you are your WORST critic!
  • Remind yourself that a skilled photographer will know how to pose/light you to flatter your body type.  This is why it is crucial to invest in a pro–the posing/lighting knowledge I have gained over the last 4.5 years is imperative in an image.  Don’t love your stomach? I’ve got poses to hide it.  Hate that your booty has dimples on it?  I’ve got poses to elongate and conceal.  I’ve got all the secret weapons up my sleeve!
  • The right outfits can help to conceal areas you aren’t in love with.  This is HUGE!  The proper fit is VERY important.  My Dream Shoot Planner that I email you once you book with help so much with shopping for your outfits! Don’t worry, I got your back!

Mind block #2:  MONEY

This is a big one, y’all.  I get that funds are precious, that there is always something “else” it could be spent on, that sometimes it’s easy to let the guilt creep in when we attempt to do something for ourselves.Hear me out, though. Don’t you want to pour into those you love in the best way you know how?  Don’t you want to be present in their lives?  Don’t they deserve the best version of you?  I’m here to tell you boo–the only way that will happen is if the cup you are pouring from isn’t empty (or headed that way).  In order to love others well, you have to feel like you have established a certain level of love for yourself.  Self love is easier to come by when you feel confident, re-charged, valued, worthy–all those beautiful words can be SO helpful to you on your self-love journey.So how can you realistically break through the money block?

  • Take advantage of one of our killer payment plans, designed specifically for you beauties who love all things budget.
  • Re-frame your mindset–remind yourself that you can always make more money, but that time is a non-renewable resource.  Some opportunities are once-in-a-lifetime!
  • Decide that this is something you *really* want.  Once you make the decision that this is experience is something you desire, you’ll be much more motivated to make it happen.

Mind block #3:  DISTANCE

So first of all, I’m going to be biased and say that Texas is the greatest place on planet Earth (gimme alllll the sweet tea, burgers the size of my face, and honky tonk bars).  If it’s not a place you can feasibly visit soon though, I have an *extensive* travel schedule on all sides of the US.  Even if I’m not coming to your specific state,  do your very best to get to me if I’m even remotely close.
  • I have an *amazing* option where you can fly into Austin, TX, have your boudoir experience, and fly home all in the same day.  This makes it easier than ever to get to me because you do not have to dedicate a full weekend to it.
  • I have another option where you can fly ME straight to your door, and we can do a boudoir experience with you and a handful of your closest girlfriends!  Sounds like a party to me!

Mind block #4: PARALYZING FEAR

There has never been anyone to walk into our studio doors without fear.  A healthy level of fear is actually a BEAUTIFUL thing.  It means you aren’t numb to an exhilarating experience that life has to offer.  However, if you are allowing yourself to go beyond those butterflies in your stomach, let’s nip that in the bud right here sister!
  • Remember that you have chosen to work with a specialist.  Photographing women is all I do. I know just how to flip your hair, how to pose your body, where your eyes should look–> down to HOW you breathe.  There is never a single moment I’m not coaching you (unless we are laughing uncontrollably at my dance breaks).
  • It’s true:  All the things we REALLY want are on the other side of fear.  Why?  To see if we really want them.  You have to be willing to go through the butterflies and feelings of wanting to puke in order to get the ultimate rewards–> a chance to see you, and not the “you” that you see–the you that I see.
  • The nerves will melt away as soon as you get to us.  We are loud and friendly and will probably invade your personal space with a bear hug.  What can I say– we will be so happy to finally see you!
  • You are really only afraid of the unknown.  Once I start to help you prep, you finally meet us, and you are getting glammed in the makeup chair, you will really start to relax.
I hope these tips helped as you consider a boudoir experience with me!  I promise to help you with your garter belt, have dance breaks when our favorite songs come on, and be your bestie on the day it’s finally your turn!



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